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Everyday people produce a lot of waste. To reduce the amount of waste, I try to give waste materials a second life. I collect all kinds of waste materials which are suitable for reuse or recycling. Milk cartons, old candle wax, curtain fabrics, beer caps, bicycle inner tubes or discarded pvc banners. The main goal of is to give this 'waste' a new function in a sustainable way.
At you can find several examples of reuse, recycling and upcycling. Everything is handmade in the Netherlands, one-of-a-kind and therefore excellent if you are looking for a responsible and unique gift or accessory. In most cases it is also possible to order a personal design. In case this is desired, please feel free to contact me.

Have fun to discover my website & spread the recycling word!

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Saskia Zweers
owner and designer of & SZ1990.NL